A day out at the farm! Friend’s farm in Bangalore.

I’m so happy today, you know why? This is my first video shot outdoors — in a park. Yeah, we ditched our old room & got out for a change. This video is all about our small trip to my friend’s farm which is located about 3 to 4 kilometers from Sarjapur Road in Bangalore. That place was so beautiful and we really we felt like we were back in Kerala. We could see many farms on the way, but unfortunately we couldn’t capture all those, because this was not a pre planned video :( But I have tried to add as many as beautiful visuals I can.

My daughter’s friend and family also was there. So they could play for some time and enjoy the day. My friend is doing bitter gourd farming in 1 acre land along with cucumber and green chillies. Kids played in a plane ploughed land near by. Heavy rains didn’t revert them from play. So it was a monsoon and mud tourism together I can say :)

There was a big tamarind tree in their plot. Then I remembered about a nostalgic dish which we prepare with tender tamarind leaves and I plucked a few. It is a special curry which our grandmothers used to make. I am showing that recipe also in this video. We spent few hours in their farm and returned in the evening. We were gifted a sack full of bitter gourds, chillies and cucumber by my dear friend.

I have to tell you all a nostalgic story, this time too. When we were kids, we never used to buy sea fish, instead we caught fish using “meen kooda” from small streams running through the paddy fields. Small fishes, crabs and small snakes will be trapped in the meen kooda. So grandmothers make curries, fries and dry these fish to use for a long time. And they used to make a special curry with this fish and tender tamarind leaves.

Tamarind leaves will be grinded well along with birds eye chilli, salt and coconut. Then the small cleaned fish will be mixed with it along with coconut oil. And this mixture will be spreaded in banana leaf and bake in pan. I have tried it in my way here. Hope you guys will give a try. It’s really tasty to have with hot rice. This dish is called “puliyila” or “puli ada” in some places.

So totally it was a beautiful day out with family and we all really enjoyed the trip. Hope you also enjoyed my video.

Susan tries to convey some morals through her childhood nostalgic stories which can motivate people of all ages.