Hello pet lovers, today I’m back with another story, which is a pet love story. Normally I like puppies and kittens so much, but why my pet “Chukku” is so special you know? She could influence us in the uncertainties of Covid 19 lockdown period. …

Friends, hope you all are safe and good. You all would have seen a social media viral soon after the lockdown this time. It was a long queue people waiting for liquor in Kerala. I really felt sad seeing this. Because, I misunderstood that people would have lost their…

Friends, hope you all are doing good. Today, my video is about our Covid experience. We all were hit with the second wave of Covid recently. And luckily we all could recover from it. It was not expected, but somehow it happened. My video covers my experience and how we tackled it.

I could experience the love and care of many people even though I was in a city like Bangalore without any of my relatives here. I am always thankful for that. I request all of you to be very careful and try not to get affected by this disease. See you in the next video :)

Friends, this video is about some kids safety tips which we need to be aware of as parents. It is during summer vacations that kids get into some accidents when they enjoy their vacations in their mom’s house or in some other relative’s house. The reason is that these…

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Susan tries to convey some morals through her childhood nostalgic stories which can motivate people of all ages.

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